How to Select Other 1099 Forms

W2 Mate has a feature to where you can select other 1099 forms. This is an optional feature.


  • 1099-INT* Forms: Interest Income
  • 1099-DIV* Forms: Dividends and Distributions
  • 1099-R* Forms: Distributions From Pensions, Annuities, Retirement, etc.
  • 1099-A* Forms: Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property.
  • 1099-B* Forms: Proceeds From Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions.
  • 1099-C* Forms: Cancellation of Debt.
  • 1099-PATR* Forms: Taxable Distributions Received From Cooperatives.
  • 1099-OID* Forms: Original Issue Discount.
  • 1099-S* Forms: Proceeds From Real Estate Transactions.
  • 1099-K* Forms: Merchant Card and Third Party Network Payments.
  • 1098* Forms: Mortgage Interest Statement.
  • 1098-T* Forms: Tuition Statement.

This tutorial shows how to Select other 1099/1098 forms.




Summary of Steps

This is just a summary; please click “Download Tutorial” for detailed instructions with screenshots.

  • Go to File→ Open Company
  • Select the company you want to open.
  • Click→ OK
  • Go to→ 1099&1098 forms
  • In the right hand corner Click→ Select
  • Then choose the form you want