How to Send Batch Emails Using 1099 Emailer

W2 Mate has the ability to send batch emails.

This tutorial shows how to send batch emails using 1099 Emailer.


 Summary of Steps

This is just a summary; please click “Download Tutorial” for detailed instructions with screenshots.

  • Select W2 Forms
  • Click → Create PDF W2’s
  • Select a location where you would like to save the PDF’s
  • Step 2 allows you to set a password on these PDF’s
  • Choose all the recipients/employees that you want to create these PDF’s for
  • Check 1099 Emailer options Box
  • Click → Create PDF W2’s
  • Click → 1099 Emailer
  • Click → Launch 1099 Emailer
  • Click → Batch Send Emails
  • Fill out the proper information depending on your email service
  • Click → OK
  • Select the recipients and click Batch Send emails